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Old Vine Zinfandel

Ever wonder what wine from 100 year old vines tasted like? Try our Old Vine Zin and find out...

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Crafted as a more chablis style Chardonnay, this wine is aged in half neutral oak and half stainless steel allowing the fruit to shine.  

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A winery that makes Hard Cider?Our cider is light, crisp, low carb and refreshing. Indulge, guilt free!

Petite Sirah Bottle Shot.jpg

Petite Sirah

The wine that started it all. Filled with intense berry flavors up front, followed by a smooth, subtle finish.


Brut Rosé

 Our Pinot Noir based sparkling Rosé is great for all of your summer events. The nose has hints of strawberries and raspberries, followed by tart cherry on the palette (but that's just us, try it and decide for yourself!). It showcases just the right amount of bubbles, along with all the classic dryness of a Brut. Cheers!

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This light bodied, fruit forward wine is perfect for everyday drinking. 

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Made with our delicious Chardonnay grapes, our sparkling wine has become incredibly popular amongst Sparkling Wine lovers!